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The FSU Web Portal has the following recommended system requirements:

  • A screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels or more.
  • 4GB of RAM (minimum 2GB).
  • Intel Core2Duo processor or AMD with comparable performance.

The FSU Web Portal has a number of small technical limitations:

  • Opening a TRR in a new tab might not always work depending on the security settings of the browser. For example the Foxit plugin for Internet Explorer is an Active-X control which might be blocked by default. Because opening the TRR in a new tab is an AJAX request, Internet Explorer does not show a popup asking to unblock the control. This issue cannot be solved since it is a client side issue. A workaround is to download the PDF to the clients PC. In the On-screen Stepwise Guidance two links are provided: to open the PDF in a new tab and to save the PDF to disk.
  • Opening a TRR at a specific section (Named Destination) or page is only supported by the Adobe Reader plugin for browsers and not by other plugins (e.g. Foxit). Therefor linking to a specific page or section will only work for users that use the Adobe Reader plugin.
  • When leaving the System idle for a while, your session will expire. This means you need to login again. Most, but not all actions on the web page will trigger a page refresh if the session has expired. If you notice the system does not respond after a period of idle time, please refresh the page and login again. To avoid expiring sessions please check ‘Save password’ when logging in. 
  • The FSU Web Portal does not actively support Internet Explorer 10 due to an AJAX bug in this version of Internet Explorer. The Portal emulates Internet Explorer 9 behaviour, no user action is required.

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