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WP 1.2: Rainfall-Depth-Duraton-Frequency Analysis 

Fitzgerald, D.L. (2007) Estimation of Point Rainfall Frequencies, Met Éireann, Irish Meteorological Service, Technical Note 61 ISSN 1393-905X. [Available online at:

WP 2.2: Flood Frequency Analysis 

Das, S. (2010) Examination of Flood Estimation Techniques in the Irish Context,  PhD thesis, National University of Ireland Galway. [Available online:]

Das, S. and Cunnane, C. (2011) Examination of homogeneity of selected Irish pooling groups, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 15, pp 819–830. [Available on line:]

Das, S. and Cunnane, C. (2012) Performance of flood frequency pooling analysis in a low CV context, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 57(3), pp 433-444. [Available on line:]

WP 3.3: Flood Attenuation Analysis 

Ahilan, S., O’Sullivan, J.J., and Bruen M. (2009) Empirical Investigation of the Influence of Floodplain Attenuation Effects on Flood Flow. Irish National Hydrology Conference 2009 pp 49-57.
[Available on line:]

Ahilan, S., O’Sullivan, J.J. and Bruen M. (2012) Influences on flood frequency distributions in Irish river catchments. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 16, pp 1137–1150. [Available on line:]

O’Sullivan, J.J., Ahilan S., and Bruen, M. (2012) A modified Muskingum routing approach for floodplain flows: Theory and practice.  Journal of Hydrology, Volumes 470–471, pp 239-254.

WP 3.4: FSU Guidance on Inputs to River Basin Modleling 

Faulkner, D., Keef, C. and Martin, J. (2012) Setting design inflows to hydrodynamic flood models using a dependence model. Hydrology Research, Vol. 43(5), pp 663–674.

WP 4.1: Scoping Study of Urban Flood Issues 

Bruen, M., O’Sullivan, J.J., Gebre, F.A. and Purcell P.J. (2008) Designing for surface water runoff control: end-user requirements in Ireland. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., Vol. 8, pp 635–640. [Available on line:]

O’Sullivan, J.J., Gebre, F.A., Bruen, M. and Purcell, P.J. (2009) An evaluation of urban flood estimation methodologies in Ireland. CIWEM Water and Environment Journal. Vol. 24(1), pp 49-57.

O’Sullivan, J.J. Bruen, M., Purcell, P.J. and Gebre, F.A. (2011) Urban drainage in Ireland – embracing sustainable systems. CIWEM Water and Environment Journal, Vol. 26(2), pp 241–251.

WP 4.2: Flood Estimation for Urbanised and Small Catchments  

Gebre, F.A. and Nicholson, O. (2012) Flood Estimation in Small and Urbanised Catchments in Ireland. Irish National Hydrology Conference 2012, pp 88-100. [Available on line:]

WP 6.2: Development of a Web-Based Applications Portal for the FSU   

Velickov, S. et al. (2013) Development of the web-based applications portal for the Flood Studies Update - New design flood and rainfall estimation tools for Ireland. Irish National Hydrology Conference 2013, pp42-52. [Available on line:]

FSU General    

Reed, D.W. and Martin, J. (2005) FSU: A new look at flood estimation for Ireland. Irish National Hydrology Conference 2005, pp26-33. [Available on line:]

Nicholson O. and Bree, T. (2013) The Flood Studies Update – What are the Improvements Since the 1975 Flood Studies Report. Irish National Hydrology Conference 2013, pp31-41. [Available on line:]

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