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Launch of the Flood Studies Update Web Portal - FSU Web Portal
03-07-2014 16:31 by OPW, Administrator



The Office of Public Works (OPW) is delighted to announce the launch of an important web-based applications Portal known as the FSU Web Portal. The Portal is a key output of the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Research Programme that was initiated, managed and funded by the OPW and is a substantial update of the Flood Studies Report (NERC,1975) which provided methodologies for flood estimation in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The rainfall and flood estimations methodologies that derive from the FSU Research Programme are now implemented in the FSU Web Portal which may be accessed at the following web address:


The FSU Web Portal is intended to be used by the OPW, Local Authorities, Third Level Institutions and Private Sector Practitioners and will be continually applied and referred to by professionals working in the area of flood risk assessment and management in Ireland.  It is expected to be used mostly for commercial purposes in the design of engineered structures and other flood risk management activities but also by Third Level Institutions and other training organisations for educational and research purposes.


The Portal facilitates the estimation of flood flows, extreme rainfall depths and other hydrological variables for approximately 134,000 river locations/nodes in the Republic of Ireland using a series of algorithms and location/node-specific parameters. It also provides users with a map-based search tool to find their location of interest and then guides them through each step of a calculation process resulting in the derivation of final design rainfall or flow estimates for the location of interest.


Some of the main features of the Portal are as follows: user registration/login page; site orientation map tool; rainfall and flood estimation database; data and software download facility; software applications for rainfall/flood estimation; links to documents and related third party websites; on-screen stepwise guidance; audit trail reporting; flood estimation reports print/export facility; news page, users forum and feedback facility.


The OPW will undertake day-to-day management of the Portal together with periodic updates of the associated methodologies and improvements. The OPW is very interested to receive feedback from users of the Portal (via email to: and will use this feedback to identify future improvements to the FSU Web Portal.

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