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Training Notice for the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Methodologies and Web Portal 21-10-2014 12:39

Following the launch of the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Web Portal in June 2014, The Office of Public Works will be providing training for users on the FSU methodologies and Web Portal. The training will be delivered using a combination of oral presentations followed by online demonstrations of how the methodologies are implemented in the Portal.


The training lectures will take place during late November and early December 2014 at five separate venues around the country.

Launch of the Flood Studies Update Web Portal - FSU Web Portal 03-07-2014 16:31

The Office of Public Works (OPW) is delighted to announce the launch of an important web-based applications Portal known as the FSU Web Portal. The Portal is a key output of the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Research Programme that was initiated, managed and funded by the OPW and is a substantial update of the Flood Studies Report (NERC,1975) which provided methodologies for flood estimation in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The rainfall and flood estimations methodologies that derive from the FSU Research Programme are now implemented in the FSU Web Portal which may be accessed at the following web address:

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